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Computational Fluency K-5

What is Computational Fluency?

NCTM Principles and Standards of School Mathematics (2000) define computational fluency as students having efficient, flexible and accurate methods for computing.   Students should also become fluent in mental math, paper and pencil methods and use technology such as a calculator when computing answers in situations involving numbers (whole numbers as well as fractions and decimals).  In addition, students must be able to determine if an exact answer or a close approximation (estimate) is sufficient.  According to our College and Career Ready Math Standards,there are required fluency expectations for each grade.  See table below.  
Math Fluencies
To build fact fluency or computational fluency students must develop strong conceptual understandings of computation strategies (doubles,doubles plus 1, make ten combinations, etc). 

          2016-2017  K-5 - Math Fluency Expectations and Guidelines                
Here are some instructional practices that can help promote meaningful mastery of number combinations.   

 Number Talks

Resources:  Video Clips, Number Talk Toolkit , Number Talks Build Numerical Reasoning,  Number Talk PowerPoints

     Resources:  Sample Student Interviews, Interview Guide

Math Menus and Math Workshops  

    Resources:  Math Centers,  Math Stations

Math Games & Technology Based Activities 

 Hiding Task
Computation Quizzes 
Fact Drills

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